The Moral Voice of Corporate America

By DAVID GELLES August 19, 2017 The nation has split into political tribes. The culture wars are back, waged over transgender rights and immigration. White nationalists are on the march. Amid this turbulence, a surprising group of Americans is testing its moral voice more forcefully than ever: C.E.O.s. After Nazi-saluting white supremacists rioted in… Continue reading

The Benefits of Standing by the President

By JESSICA SILVER-GREENBERG, BEN PROTESS and MICHAEL CORKERY August 19, 2017 He heaped praise on Jared Kushner at a private gathering of bankers and corporate executives in December, congratulating President Trump’s son-in-law on the surprise election triumph. He stood up again in May before a group of corporate leaders on the 39th floor of Citigroup’s offices to… Continue reading

Bannon Returns to Breitbart News

By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM and JEREMY W. PETERS August 18, 2017 The White House’s loss is Breitbart’s gain. Stephen K. Bannon, who left his post on Friday as President Trump’s chief strategist, has resumed his role as chairman of Breitbart News, the provocative right-wing website that propelled him to national fame. Hours after his departure from the White… Continue reading