Congress Goes Home, and Constituents Fired-Up Over Health Care Are Waiting

By KATE ZERNIKE and ALEXANDER BURNS February 17, 2017 As Republican lawmakers prepare to leave Washington for a weeklong congressional recess, liberal groups and Democratic Party organizers are hoping to make their homecoming as noisy and uncomfortable as possible. But national organizers concede they are playing catch-up to a “dam-bursting level” of grass-roots activism that has… Continue reading

House G.O.P. Leaders Outline Plan to Replace Obama Health Care Act

By ROBERT PEAR and THOMAS KAPLAN February 16, 2017 WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders on Thursday revealed the outlines of their plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, leaning heavily on tax credits to finance individual insurance purchases and sharply reducing federal payments to the 31 states that have expanded Medicaid eligibility. Speaker Paul D. Ryan… Continue reading