Let Right-Wing Speakers Come to Berkeley? Faculty Is Divided

By THOMAS FULLER September 22, 2017 BERKELEY, Calif. — The class is called symplectic geometry, a high-level course in mathematics that provides elite graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, a better understanding of, among other things, planetary motion. But symplectic geometry won’t be meeting for its scheduled Tuesday session because the professor,… Continue reading

Puerto Rico Faces Mountain of Obstacles on the Road to Recovery

By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ, LIZETTE ALVAREZ and FRANCES ROBLES September 21, 2017 SAN JUAN, P.R. — A day after Hurricane Maria razed Puerto Rico, its ferocious winds smashing houses, hotels, cellphone towers and the island’s entire electrical grid, the fear and frustration were pervasive on Thursday. Power was out everywhere. Cellphones were mostly useless, forcing panicked residents to… Continue reading